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Condo Living - Is it for you?

Condo Living -These attached dwelling units are quite appealing to a number of people. Often they are more affordable than a single unit dwelling, and host a number of recreational options that a homeowner may not have access to. Condominiums can include a swimming pool, recreational room, and tennis courts.

Condos are usually located in prime spots, such as desirable resorts, or vacation hot spots. They are also common in golf course communities.

Condos offer people the opportunity to share maintenance and repair responsibility, which may appeal to people who feel they don't have the time, or interest in these tasks. Each owner usually pays a monthly "Condo Fee" that covers snow removal, lawn maintenance, building maintenance and other items depending on what their board comes up with.

However, by being a part of a larger building, there are other things that condo dwellers share, including walls, ceilings, and floors. You also share hallways, entranceways, and parking areas and storage. Generally there are designated parking spots, but limited visitor parking areas. A lot of people love their condominium lifestyle and wouldn't trade it for the world.

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